04 August 2012

Disturbing Behavior

So in the month of July I exhibited some erratic and potentially disturbing behavior in terms of spending, and more specifically shopping. If it is possible I have the opposite of cabin fever, I have heat wave fever. It is the incurable desire to leave the comfort of home and go into the wilderness of extreme heat and spend money. I jest of course, over all as someone who does not have much money ( being a substitute pays $65 a day, yes if you add that up I'm well below the poverty level) I tend to be very frugal. Clothing is one of the few things I spend money on at all. I rarely ever eat out (when I went out to eat with friends a few weeks ago I almost threw up my dinner when I saw the bill, but I had paid too much for it, I wasn't going to let it go to waste), I get all my books and movies from the library, my gym membership is a frugal $10 a month, but I like clothes and am willing to let my wallet open wide enough for some of my hard earned cash to escape. that being said I hate paying full price for anything and only do if it is a unique piece, I feel it is worth the price (in terms of quality or otherwise), or if I think it supports a good cause (local or independent artisans for example). So here's a breakdown of my reckless month, no I didn't have a lobotomy it was just heat wave fever.

Club Vintage, Clio, MI via Etsy

 1.) I discovered Club Vintage Fashions and More when I specifically searched Etsy for "Shelton Stroller", because I had bought one a few months ago at the Wheeler School Annual CLothing Sale and loved it. It was comfortable, easy to care for, had a classic 1960-1970's silhouette, and zipped up the front. In a similar but longer style this number was a bit pricier at $39, but I was willing to pay it because I know I'll Get so much wear out of it. Green is also my favorite color, but I oddly have very few green clothes.

Fantastic Umbrella Factory, Charlestown, RI

2.) $15 at Small Axe Productions

3.) $5, on sale at Frills

A staple in souther Rhode Island for almost 40 years, The Fantastic Umbrella Factory is a collection of loosely connected stores on a rural garden its a haven for the funkier set of left over hippies and is a great place to spend a rainy day when you're down at the seashore (which we did last Tuesday) In addition to the mumus and incense they have great cheap and eclectic jewelry and some beautiful art pieces. Shopping aside, its worth it just for the animals running around and a walk through the bamboo forest.

Goodwill, South Attleboro, MA

4.) Dress Barn $5

5.) No tags, $6.99

6.) No brand name, $3.99

7.) No brand name, $3.99

8.) HWR, $5

9.) Itsu, $2.50, 50% off tag

10.) Nine West, $ 5.99

11.) New York and Co. $2.50, 50% off tag

Holly Dolly, Somerville, MA via Etsy

13.) and 14.) Having long been addicted to Holly's blog, I finally broke down and jumped over to her ShopHollyDolly page and I confess I am more than mildly addicted to her bow tie necklaces, and didn't mind a bit buying at full price for $14 each.

Into the Wardrobe, Providence, RI

15.) Chinese Laundry, $24

16.) Apostrophe $14

17.) Lauren by Ralph Lauren $10

You cannot shop consignment in Rhode Island without visiting the fabulous Megan at Into the Wardrobe for an experience as fabulous as any you would get in the real Narnia.Her shop is small and intimate and the conversation is always fun and lively. She just remodeled he second room holding sale and men's clothing to include a shoe nook made out of a park bench, her stock is also varied so everyone can find something.

J.C. Penny, Emerald Square Mall, 
North Attleboro, MA

18.) Allen B, $11

19.) Liz Claibourne, $16

20.) Nicole by Nicole Miller, $10

21.) Worthington, $10

J. Marcel, Providence, RI

22.) J. Marcel markets themselves as a discounted shoe store, and boy do they have those in abundance, but they also have tons of fabulous accessories from purses, to sunglasses, to unique jewelry. I can't remember if I bought this in June or early July but it was discounted from $45 all the way down to $10, and I couldn't pass up such a unique shape.

Krazy Daisy, Slaterville, RI

23.) Lily Stanhope, $4

24.) Calvin Klein, $49

25.) Context, $9

26.) Mercer Street Studio, $4.75

Photographer turned consignment magician Christine Keene is the last thing you would expect to find in the Brigido's Supermarket Plaza tucked away in the sleepy former mill town to Slaterville. But there Krazy Daisy is in all her lime green, hot pink, and leopard printed glory.

Marshall's, Lincoln, RI

28.) Mix Nouveau, $20

29.) Seven for All Mankind, $19.99


30.) Vintage, salvaged when cleaning out my grandmother's basement, Free

Club Vintage: $39.00
Fantastic Umbrella Factory: $20.00
Goodwill: $35.93
Holly Dolly: $28.00
Into the Wardrobe: $48.00
J.C. Penny: $47.00
J. Marcel: $10.00
Krazy Daisy: $66.75
Marshall's: $39.99

The total, while it may seem staggering (at least it does to me), when divided by the actual number of objects acquired works out to an average of $11.16 per item. The two big ticket items I bought were the Shelton Stroller and Calvin Klein dresses, however both are very versatile, fit great, and  I already have lots of ideas about how to style both.Of the thirty items I've already worn half of them, some, the sweaters especially, will have to wait until the weather cools off a bit. I certainly plan on having lots of fun with all my new purchases, and I feel confident that across the board I pulled in some prime deals.

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