29 August 2012

The Muse: Mrs. Peacock

 Who doesn't love Clue?  I know I always have, it was my favorite board game as a kid and has remained so right up until now. THe movie, okay, it was pretty ridiculous with the three different endings and all those bad 80's TV actors (including Toni Basil, who sang Oh Mickey, as the singing telegraph girl). I do remember also reading the books which had collections of little mysteries featuring the characters, I used to buy them in Annie's Book Stop over in Plainville for like fifty cents each. judging from the prices on Amazon I should have kept them. Regardless when I saw that Marionberry Style's Trend of the Month Linkup was Statement Necklaces I couldn't think of a better statement than the blue game piece's namesake. Granted this was not exactly a difficult challenge, looking back I've worn statement necklaces in ten of my last 15 posts. I loathe little pendants like the single solitaire diamond, you will rarely, if ever see one on me, in fact I would usually rather go without. I think, what's the point? If the style of this necklace looks familiar its probably because the design is very similar to this brooch, worn here and here, made by the same designers. I had worn a similar variation of this outfit back in May and didn't post it, I had a few freshmen boys this past year who were obsessed with color coordinating, especially with the limited release sneakers and hats. I swear these two boys in particular had more pairs of fancy snakers than I have pumps. But they had lockers across from my office and would always say hello/goodbye when I was leaving, that particular day they were very impressed that I had such a wide array of perfectly coordinating peacock blue attire from the necklace right on down to the shoes. I just looked at them and said, "Remember gentlemen you learned from the best." Not that its true all the time,  but sometimes I even impress myself.

 Blouse: Banana Republic
Skirt: Luxe via Urban Outfitters (very old)
Necklace: Blue Suede via J. Marcel
Shoes: Ann Marino via DSW
Hair Clip: Damascene, souvenir from Toledo, Spain

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  1. I absolutely love the necklace - it's stunning! And Clue is and was my favorite game but all my friends and family hate it so I can never get anyone to play with me, lol! Greetings from Atlanta. ;-)