05 September 2012

The Muse: Yacht Club

 Friday was probably the last honest-to-goodness hot summer day, reaching up into the 90's, so I took advantage  and wore my best yacht club-inspired outfit. Now I know I talked about my father's boating days back here in terms of where we would go. However I think its sort of important to note that while his boat at nearly fifty feet was definitely considered a yacht, we kept out boat at a marina, and even when we travelled we never really lived the yacht club life. In my mind I picture it being like the country club lifestyle, only even more elevated. When we took the boat places on occasion we would stay at a yacht club and they definitely had a different flavor, in a particular I remember being at one in Nantucket and being told to turn down our trashy music.
The boat is still sitting around in its slip down in Warwick, not getting much use, but I didn't really have an ocean or a yacht to pose with, so the wooden bridge had to stand in. One of the houses right next to the bridge had a row boat in the yard and I was mightily tempted to climb in and take pictures, but with my luck they'd have vicious dogs or be the type to shoot first and ask questions later. You have to pick your battles, a public bridge is much safer.

Shirt: Chaps thrifted via Into the Wardrobe
Dress (worn as a skirt): vintage, Charter Club, thrifted via Goodwill, Davis Square
Shoes: Nine West thrifted via Goodwill, South Attleboro
Purse: vintage, no label, via Rhode Island Antiques Mall
Bracelet: souvenir from Martha's Vineyard, don't remember the store name
Sunglasses: J. Marcel

I looked through all of my old photos and this was the only one I could find of the dock at our marina. My dad is the one in the front left corner in the maroon windbreaker with his back to the camera. From left to right were fellow boaters; Mark, Don, Dan, Darrell, and Rich. In case you couldn't tell by the outerwear it was pouring, not that it stopped these salty dog in their pursuit of beer. As far as I know only Rich (in the white shirt) is still a serious boater. Darrell retired to Florida and has a house on the water, Don sold his boat and bought a summer house on Cape Cod, Dan was transfered to the mid-West, and I'm not sure what mark is up to. Then again this picture is more than ten years old, a lot can change, especially when it comes to an expensive lifestyle like boating. I'll stick to the outfits, they're always in style!

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