18 September 2012

The Cake That Ate My Blog

Posting has been a little spotty over the past week mainly because of lots and lots of cake. September 10th was my nephew Mason's 2nd birthday, with a Sesame Street theme. My sister-in-law never does anything small so there was a huge crowd and they needed lots of food to feed them. Luckily I was mostly on dessert duty but it still took the better part of three days to complete, between the cake (the batter equivalent of five double layer cakes), the cupcakes (designed to look like Elmo, Cookie Monster, and Big Bird), and the chocolate chip cookies for favors (about 100 of them, wrapped individually). I spent most of my days in frosting covered aprons, which needless to say were not photo worthy. I love to bake, I find it very relaxing and enjoyable, I will sometimes bake for friends and relatives, but don't claim to be a professional. I was pretty happy with how everything came out, but I have to admit my letters are far from perfect, then again he's only two, by the time he can read I'll improve.

 Before we even lit the candle on the cake the kids swarmed the cupcakes and suddenly every kid there had red or blue teeth, Elmo and Cookie Monster went first, mainly because of the marshmallow eyes and cookie mouths. Big Bird had a peach ring mouth, and everyone knows fruit is never cool.

I had four left over bags of cookies that also went quickly after we put the platter out.

Big Bird, Elmo, Cookie Monster, and Oscar the Grouch also made an appearance in the fruit, vegetable, and cheese platters.

The rather large Big Bird balloon blew away when we were getting it out of the car, when we finally located him in the woods there was a large hole in his middle so we hung him up on the deck. After I finished with him and the staple gun Tom, my step-brother accused me of crucifying poor Big Bird (I can ee where he got that idea, it does sort of look like we nailed him to the cross) so I put the sign in his hand to make him a little more friendly.

Saturday was beautiful, but the wind made it more than a little challenging, from the table cloths to the balloons nothing wanted to stay put. The bouncy house also collapsed twice. Never a dull moment.

 The real Elmo made an appearance at the party and danced and played with all the kids, Mason was a little shy at first but eventually let Elmo pick him up.
 His cousin Isabel, whose nine months older, wasn't nearly as shy

Elmo even played with the adults, Auntie Jeanne and Uncle Mike sure had lots of fun posing for a family photo with Elmo!

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  1. amazing job, my friend!! i love it all!! so cute :)