24 September 2012


So everyone in the fashion world (i.e. Joan Rivers) is talking about what was worn and who wore it last night at the Primetime Emmy Awards. I honestly hate most of those fashion wrap up shows because I think they're fixed, for example Heidi Klum(in Alexandre Vauthier) knows everyone in Hollywood and everyone in the fashion industry, invariably she is named best dressed or at least makes the list, in my opinion, she almost never actually is. I prefer to make my judgements on the appropriateness of a dress for the wearer's age, appearance, and the situation. Heidi Klum's dress was none of the above, in fact I thought it made her look saggier in the boobs and wider in the hips than she really is. Most people didn't see much beyond the eight miles of leg she showed. The same goes for Sofia Vergara (in Zuhair Murad), who admittedly is the it girl right now. She just turned 40, she just got engaged, Modern Family is a huge hit. I get all that, and I think her publicists played the Emmy Awards like a fiddle, if I see one more video of her shaking her ass at the HBO after party I might become sea sick from all those gyrations. Yes she has a great figure, and if I were a fourteen year old boy I would probably cherish this dress, but frankly the dress made her look cheap, sort of like something that came off the rack from the Sofia Vergara Collection at K-mart.

Best Dressed Girls 

4.) Ariel Winter in Katherine Kidd, a relatively new and unknown designer who just opened her first boutique in Brentwood. She took a lot of heat last year for her cleavage bearing gown. However I don't think you could find amore appropriate gown for a fourteen year old. In fact it makes her look more mature than last year's revealing gown. I loved the colors, the metallic print, the asymmetrical neckline, even the hair all came together nicely.

3.) Mayim Bialik in a custom burgundy gown by Pamella Roland, I honestly love that this is a choice that is at once stunning,and it reflects her own personal belief systems, she also has a hand that was severely damaged in a car accident that is still splinted, hence the sleeves. She documented her search for an appropriate Emmy dress here. This is a dress that make you look twice to make sure you're really looking at Amy Farrah Fowler from The Big Bang Theory.

2.) Ginnifer Goodwin in Monique Lhuillier Resort Collection, this dress made me jump up out of my seat when I saw it. The color definitely came across as red on television, but red or orange it was fantastic, if you couldn't guess I'm loving the short front, long back trend, mainly because its young, fresh, and unexpected. Secondly I felt this was so fitting to Goodwin's personality and style, feminine, fun, and quirky. She's taken Audrey Hepburn in Sabrina and updated it to the modern day, from the hair to the jewels (by Rona Pfeiffer and Graziela), the the accessories (a Ferragamo clutch and Christian Louboutin 'Bis un Bout' heels), perfection.

 1.) Hayden Panettiere in Marchesa, I heard such mixed things about this dress, and honestly couldn't understand any of them. It is strikingly beautiful with an almost sari-like style, the perfect color combination to flatter her skin and hair. Those who said she looked too 'old' in this dress were way off the mark, I think the best word to describe it is regal. The dress is magnificent on its own but she styled it in such a way that flatters her even more. Now if Sofia Vergara had worn this gown I would have been impressed, and the rest of us would have been spared having to see her wardrobe malfunction.

Best Dressed Boys

2.) I picked his on screen girlfriend, how could I not honor the other half of the dynamic duo of Amy and Sheldon by picking Jim Parsons. Another star who dresses to honor their personality I have to admire any man willing to wear velvet and patent leather at the same time. Then again he could have shown up in a Spock tee-shirt and I still would have picked him so long as he sang 'Soft Kitty'for me.

 1.) Aaron Paul wearing an unconventional brown Prada tuxedo with a bronze bow tie and pocket square. You can see why he won the Emmy, he is one swank guy. GQ posted on him and brought up a good point, he's a pale guy and brown actually washes him out a lot less. Either way I thought it was hip and very striking, his blond fiancee also helps as an accessory.

Worst Dressed

Ashley Judd in Carolina Herrera, there's not much I can say good about this. The fit is bad, the color is worse, and it looks like a bad bridesmaid dress. This hair is also just scary, there are beehives, and then there is this an allergic reaction to bad taste.

Apparently Lena Headey, aka the evil queen Cersei from Game of Thrones forgot to get out of character before showing up last night. That or she got confused and thought she was going to a Halloween party a month early. In fact one of her gowns from Game of Thrones would probably have looked better than the Batmobile Georgio Armani she had on. On the upside it did show off her many tats on her back. Just in case you couldn't tell she was badass and all.

Lena Dunham in Prada. Do I really need to say anything else. I am hard on Lena Dunham, I don't particularly care for girls (okay lets be honest, I hate the show) and I honestly cannot understand why she was chosen as a correspondent for Vogue working directly under Hamish Bowles. I mean look at that dress, it is possibly the ugliest thing I have ever seen and so staggeringly unflattering I have to scroll down the page not to look at it. I wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt, but seriously this look makes Ma Walton look trendy. The goal is to maintain your individuality while still being modern and embracing trends to a degree, this does none of that. I get that you're a moody intellectual, but any more eyeliner and you'll be cutting into Helena Bonham Carter's corner on the market.

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  1. i just have one thing to say to you: how can you hate Girls? this almost makes me question our friendship. ;)