01 September 2012

Best Belated Birthday Present EVER

So when I totaled up my acquisitions for August I left one tiny thing out. Well maybe not all that tiny. The day after my birthday my friend Patti apologized for not givng me my present, and asked if I could stop by her house to pick it up because it was so big. Now perhaps I should explain, with Patti this could mean just about anything. I've known Patti for more than ten years now, and she is undoubtedly the most creative and fashion conscious of my friends. SHe went to RISD (the Rhode Island School of Design) and worked much of her career as a wedding dress designer for Prisiclla of Boston, she left shortly before her son was born, then worked as a designer for Hasboro, until finally she opened her own interior design business so she could spend as much time as possible with her family. Despite being barely five feet tall and about 100 pounds soaking wet she can be hell on wheels and along with being one of the most creative people I know, she is also one of the most giving. She gave me my first cashmere seater, helped me tailor clothing, pick out the perfect perfume, and has encouraged me in every decision I've made in my life. As of two weeks ago she also bought me my first real fur coat. Over the past few years I've owned two really high end knockoffs, that actually fool most people. I have a short vintage 1950's coat/cape of muskrat fur (not the most luxurious, my grandfather and his friends used to trap them using a laundry basket and sold them for a dime apiece in the 1930's) I bought in a consignment shop, but I've always longed for a real one. I apologize if this offends your sensibilities, but I like my vintage rodents best keeping me warm in the winter. I agree with not buying new fur, however a nice vintage full length fur was my dream, and I love my great-aunt Connie so I  wasn't willing to wait for her to go off into the light in order for me to get my hands on her black mink. Patti knew this and came through in a big way. Not that I was the least bit surprised. When I left her house I asked, " do you think people will look at me crazy for carrying a fur coat down the street in the middle of August?" and she said, "No but they might if you put it on." Bearing that in mind I went a little crazy and wore it out on the screened in porch for some out fit photos. Its was so worth it.

Coat: I.J. Foxx of Boston, vintage
Dress: Mossimo via Target
Shoes: Chinese Laundry via DSW

Below is a photo of Patti and I taken seven years ago on the night of my senior prom (it was the only one I could find) in case you can't guess how we met in the first place, I'll give you a hint, her son, Miles was my prom date. Some people find it strange that I have such a good friend who is my mother's age, but I thin its all about being young at heart. That and I think that as much as she loves her son,  Patti always really wanted a daughter.

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