22 November 2013

The Muse: Peachy Keen

Did you ever know someone who used a signature expression? You see it a lot in television shows, but I often see it in real life. I worked with a woman named Marie, and invariably, when you asked her how she was, her reply would be "Oh just peachy keen." Why peachy keen I have no idea, she wasn't Southern. My only guess is that its an archaic expression she used growing up that she still related to. I've heard it, but only rarely in conversation, and usually its shortened to just "I'm peachy". Merriam Webster defines it as an expression from circa 1948, that means very good, fine, or excellent. I also particularly like their use of it in a sentence "They met back in the days when a weenie roast was a peachy keen way to spend a date." Now I'm not sure how I would feel about attending a weenie roast on a date. I'll have to contemplate the possibility. This dress however, does make you feel positively peachy keen. Its got a great shape with the Empire waist, that lovely peach color (it works well with my coloring, so I'm always drawn to it), polka dots AND rhinestones (because one or the other apparently isn't enough) and because its vintage, I feel like I can freely use the expression peachy keen while wearing it as much as I like, completely separate from attendance at weenie roasts of all kinds!

Dress: vintage, Carlyle, via Habersham Antiques Market
Sweater: Twelve Layers, thrifted via Into the Wardrobe
Necklace: vintage, probably meant as a belt,  via yard sale
Purse: Call It Wild, via J.C. Penny
Shoes: Nine West

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