21 November 2013

The Muse: The Golden Mean

 In art school they talk a lot about the Golden Mean, the exact right alignment of proportions that is somehow more aesthetically pleasing to they eye. Studies have been done on Miss America winners finding that their bodies, while different sizes and shapes, share the same balance of feature ration. Now I do not have the figure of Miss America, never have, never will. However I think you can sometimes fake the Golden Mean when you wear the right clothing. For some reason certain garments just balance well together to make a pleasing overall composition (yet definitely been in art school too long). Its really the only explanation I have for this outfit. All day people kept telling me how wonderful it was, not just people I knew, but strangers at the service station and the supermarket. Now it could be simply that black, white, and red almost always work well together. That being said I thought this outfit was a little boring and lackluster myself. But there was some sort of balance to it that I couldn't see, but that others clearly sensed. Also fun fact, this may be the least glamorous place I've ever taken outfit photos, it was the driveway of an empty house for sale and I balanced the camera on the recycling bin. On the plus side it was only a few minutes from home and as you're losing the light, you take what you can get!

Blouse: Banana Republic
Skirt: Edward, hand-me-down
Necklace: Francesca's Collection
Purse: vintage, Rhode Island Antiques Mall
Shoes: Fashion Bug, thrifted via Salvation Army Family Store

Also as a side note, I know one of my biggest readers from back in Rhode Island, Eamon McGlynn is coming to Savannah to visit. I'm sorry we'll miss each other and I won't be here to greet you personally. But keep reading you never know what adventures might be in store!


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