24 November 2013

My Traveling Wardrobe

Give the fact that my wardrobe now needs to easily travel between Rhode Island and Georgia, and I now and working on a very limited budget, I've severely limited my buying. Mainly I've been trying to buy more tops because that's the thinnest part of my wardrobe and irresistible buys like the Jimmy Choos for less than $5, no one can pass those up! I also clearly went on an animal print buying spree, though I confess it wasn't entirely intentional. I tend to see animal print as a neutral that goes with everything, so I buy a lot of it because its versatile.

Salvation Army

1.) Jimmy Choo beige flats $ 3.99
(I know the toes are in rough shape, but I have a great cobbler who can patch them up)


2.) Jones of New York tiger stripe tee $5


3.) Mossimo faux leather trimmed pencil skirt $15

4.) Floral jumper $4.95

5.) Double polka dot jumper $4.95

Cherry Picked
Broughton Street
Savannah, GA

6.) Lucky brown leather tote: $11

7.) White House/Black Market leopard sweater: $16

8.) Lucky brand tiger striped cardigan: $18

Total Spending August-November: $78.89
(~ $19.72 a month)

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