08 July 2013

The Muse: 4th of July

I took the Fourth of July weekend off, mainly because on Thursday, the atauly 4th of July, I acquired a spectacular sunburn. In my own defense it has been well over 10 years since I had another. I am very pale and take especially good care of my skin, wearing SPF 85 every day, even in the winter. Except apparently on holidays when I have too much beer and take a nap in the sun. I was rather cranky and uncomfortable for the first two days after, but I made sure to use lots of after sun care products and was able to stave off peeling except for a tiny patch at the base of my nose. Its faded to tan now, but I fee like I have to be extra vigilent for the rest of the summer, especially because I had several ugly looking moles taken off this spring. But I'm only human, so hopefully my lapse is forgiven.

I actaully have only a few really bad, quickly done shots of my 4th of July outfit, however I thought you might enjoy some shots of the beatutiful weather and lots of fun we had at cousin Sue's beach house in Little Compton, RI. Its been in her family since the 1920's and sits right on the ocean. they got some damage from the most recent hurricanes, but everything as ship shape and party ready come the 4th. I've spent just about every 4th of July there for as long as I can remember, and the tradition in carrying on the the next generation with my step-brother Tom's two young children, Mason and Ethan.

Ethan didn't risk a sunburn, he had a hat!

Charlotte, my sister-in-law's mother with her granddaughter Lilyana

Lily with her very patriotic outfit, her first birthday was actaully the 3rd of July

Lily's older sister Isabel on the porch swing

Ethan wasn't too keen on swimming so he stuck to being a beach bum with me on the sand

My sister-in-law Natalia and Ethan on the swing, Ethan will be one in a couple of weeks

My step-brother Tom taking Isabel swimming off the private beach down the road from the house

Shirt: Gap, thrifted via Chic2Chic
Tank: Old Navy
Skirt: Rafella via Building 19
Purse: vintage, Dover, via Hall's on Broadway
Shoes: Steve Madden, gift


  1. So where in LC is this adorable cottage? We were up in Williamstown, MA taking in lots of theatre, museums, concerts, and even a ball game with fireworks!

  2. I saw the pictures Doc, Williamstown looks like the ideal little New England village, like something out of Norman Rockwell! I know that you're hoping to move up there once the house in LC sells, I can definitely see you there! The house is right off Briggs Beach on Quaker Hill Farm Road, the private beach for the little community eventually runs into Briggs Beach. The cottage is old, but the view is priceless!