09 December 2012

Thanksgiving Leftovers

November was a bit of a mix, and old modern standby J.C. Penny and a new thrift store, The Bargain Box at St, Mark's Episcopal Church in Southborough, MA. Southborough is a rather wealthy suburb on Rte. 9 perhaps best known as the home of St. Mark's and the Fay School two old and prestigious boarding schools. Bill Cosby's kids went to the Fay School back in the day. Because it is a well-to-do suburb the quality of goods tends to be better in thrift stores there.

J.C.Penny, Emerald Square Mall, North Attleborough, MA

For Veteran's Day weekend all sale items were an additional 30% off, while the skirt was still full price,  the blouse and skirt are both listed as their lowest price.

1.) Worthington blouse with silver sequined Peter Pan collar, $7

2.) Worthington floral pleated skirt, $25

3.) Olsenboye Indian print purse, $7
Total: $39

The Bargain Box, Saint Mark's Episcopal Church, Southborough, MA

Working with my new boss has become a thrifting battle of wills. From the time I started I would often tell her about what a great deal I got on a particular piece of clothing. Now I love to shop, I shop in a diverse variety of places, wear many different styles, and have a wide range of qualities of clothing in my closet. I am equally comfortable in both new and vintage clothes and I could care less if I am 'in style' or even come close to matching. Now Diane my boss only shops at one thrift store, and she only shops twice a year when they have their half off sales. Now don't get me wrong, she dresses nicely and always looks professional but her clothes do have a dated air about them and when she shows me shoes she's had since before her son was born (he'll be thirty in May) they look their age. I personally think its great to thrift and buy vintage, but you have to wear it in a way that is current and doesn't always hint at the clothing's origins. Sure a skirt for $2 is a deal, but you don't want to look like you walked out of Arsenic and Old Lace. Needless to say I was leery when she told me that her thrift store's semi-annual sale was coming up Veteran's Day weekend, but I bit the bullet and tagged along. I got some great stuff for really cheap, but a lot of what they had was dated, i confess even a few of the items I picked up will have to be carefully remixed to avoid looking dowdy.

4.) Cambridge Dry Goods Company Indian print maxi skirt, $2

5.) Vintage Orvis skirt, $2

6.) Josephine Chaus navy nautical blazer, $3

7.) Vintage 1980's plaid and floral print flannel (yes I know its hideous, but I can't help but love it) Alison J. Petites $4.50

8.) Vintage 1980's era Diane von Furstenburg dress with jeweled Baroque print and detachable belt (not shown) , $5

9.) Vintage rabbit fur jacket circa 1960's,
 no label but a 'made in Hong Kong' tag is sewn into the neck, $20

10.) Kasper and Co. black and white silk print blouse, $2.50

11.) Oriental print purse with wooden handles, no label, possibly homemade, $1

12.) Amanda Smith tan suede boots with fringe detail and stacked wood heel, $5

13.) Belma New York gold, brown, black, and white print cotton skirt $2 (in the wash when I took these pictures)

14.) Beaded abstract cummerbund style belt (no pictured) $0.99
Total: $47.99


15.) Suits Us white polka dot dress with a full swing skirt. Over the summer the last time my grandparents were visiting from Florida, they went out to lunch with some friends of theirs that still live here and the woman gave my grandmother this white dress with black polka dots and a sheer rayon shirt to go over it. My grandmother then hung it in the hall closet at my aunt and uncle's house here and went back to Florida. On Thanksgiving when my aunt asked her about it she said it was too big for her. I tried it on and it fit me, so it come home. The blouse that went over it was a little to old for me, plus it was only a medium so I let my aunt have it.

16.) Fabio Rusconi white leather flats, Charlotte, my sister-in-law's mother does my hair, and the last time I was getting it cut she had a box of shoes she was getting rid of and I snagged these

J.C. Penny : $39
Bargain Box: $47.99
Other: $0
Total: $86.99/ 16 items
Cost per item: $5.44

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