21 December 2012

The Muse: Harvest

 One of the biggest challenges, I think at last, about wearing vintage, is how to wear it so you don't look dated/like a granny. As the Sassy Gay Friend says, "Honey, it an't vintage if you've been wearing it since it came out." Now this skirt has a  vintage pattern and color palate, its cut is definitely longer that most skirts you see today. I think I pulled it off wearing a more youthful top and fun pumps and the enormous feather pin also draws the eye up. That being said I like the skirts retro feel, and love the colors especially for the winter and fall. It probably wasn't a cheap skirt when it was first made, and it wears well, it just takes a little creativity to make it shine rather than get sucked into a time warp. Either way it felt right for our family pre-Thanksgiving Thanksgiving soiree to celebrate the real harvest.
 Dress (worn as a top): Karen Millen
Skirt: vintage Orvis, thrifted via The Bargain Box
Feather Pin: Poundland UK (similar to Dollar Tree)
Shoes: Dexter via Payless
Purse: vintage, Lewis, inherited from Great-aunt Connie, similar here
Coat: Kardashian Collection via Sears, gift
Gloves: Marshall's

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