30 December 2012

The Muse: Fringe Element

 After discussing some of the pains of outdoor photos in yesterday's posts I decided to post some photos I've had hanging around for about a month that I did break down and take indoors. I will admit a major isse is my house, first it is very small, like stand in the right place and you can see every room small, which limits where photos can be taken. Second the wall colors, while pretty tend to reek havoc on camera. Like the gold walls of the living room and hallway, especially when you're wearing all brown. Its like a bad afghan from the 1970's. If you foo around with the bloue exposure enough however it does lend itself to semi-normal photos, however I have to admit I long for  the outdoors nonetheless. That being said these boots and this vintage dress were too good together to ignore.
Dress: vintage, Shelton Stroller, thrifted via Wheeler School Annual Clothing Sale
Tights: Merona via Target
Boots: Amanda Smith, thrifted via The Bargain Box
Pearl bracelet: J.C.Penny
Pearl Earrings: vintage, via Top Shelf Flea Market
Ring: vintage, my grandfather's 1949 class ring

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