14 November 2012

The Return of the Cord

You know that Alanis Morisette song Ironic? Well try this one on for ironic size. I lost the cord that connects my camera to my laptop about three weeks ago. I searched everywhere for it (except of course the one place that it was, but more on that in a minute). Finally last Friday I caved and ordered a new one. This morning I had to leave work (well not really since I went in early and the school day hadn't started yet) because like an idiot I forgot some very necessary feminine care products. But I couldn't tell my male vice-principal that so I told him I needed my laptop. When I picked up the traveling case from my desk, guess what was underneath? The camera cord. This whole time. Then to add insult to injury guess what was in the mail today. A new camera cord. When it rains in my life it pours, then again its so ridiculous, you couldn't make this stuff up.

Regardless, I can finally post as I've been chomping at the bit to do far weeks now. First I wanted to give a wrap up of my few paltry October purchases, then I have a whole back log of pictures to match up with posts.


1.) Silver Mossimo jeans $12.99, on sale

2.) Leather and Laser Print sunset photo clutch, $2.50

3.) Mustard yellow leggings, $3

4.) Plaid Wallet, $7.50 (not shown)
5.) Red footless tights, $1.50 (not shown)

Total: $27.49

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