01 August 2013

The Muse: Kryptonite

 Everyone has their fashion kryptonite, that particular article of clothing that is the death of your wardrobe. Sometimes its a really specific item "I am never wearing those jeans again", more often its a style or a shape like "i'm too short to wear capri pants" or "pencil skirts make my ass look huge", sometimes its a whole category like "all hats make me look stupid". Then there are the kryptonite colors, such as "yellow makes my look like I have hepatitis". What ever your kryptonite is there is no hard and fast rule for overcoming that aversion, mainly because the reasons that these styles don't work for us are as varied as we are all individuals. Do a lot of short women look silly in capri pants? Sure, but not all do. Does yellow make a lot of pale people sallow, definitely, but there are some pale skinned blondes that rock it. Personally my kryptonite is the button-up shirt. I'm big chested (36 D -36DD depending on the bra) I don't care how many magazines say that the white button up is a wardrobe staple, for me it will never be. Something that I have to pin in four different places just so my underwear doesn't make an appearance. This is not, and never will be the foundation of my wardrobe. To get a button-up that doesn't I usually have to buy 1-2 sizes larger than I need, which means that arms are huge and saggy, not to mention too long, and I look like I'm trying to hide a four month pregnancy under the waist. I also don't think that tailoring an article of clothing I don't enjoy wearing is remotely worth the price. So I avoid it and my wardrobe seldom suffers for it. I do long for that neat buttoned up professional look sometimes, so I supplement it with other fancy  blouses with interesting details like ruffles, bows, or embellishments, not quite the same, but they get the job done. Sometimes, however I still try, with varying degrees of success. I envy all those cute, petit little girls I see on link-ups with small bosoms and tiny waists that can wear their button-ups perfectly and tie them up to expose a perfect waistline. Then again, I'm over it, I have plenty of other blouses in my closet. Likewise any clothing kryptonite can be vanquished. Find the right shade of that dreaded color for your skin tone, buy yourself a girdle to wear under that pencil skirt. But that's only if you want to make the effort and continue to crave the style, if not, I say you're better off in what you do like, kryptonite or not.

Tuxedo shirt: Monte Carlo, thrifted via Savers
Skirt (worn as a dress): vintage, Alice Polynesian Fashions, via Artifaktori
Necklace: vintage, yard sale
Headband: souvenir from Rome
Purse: J. Marcel
Sandals: Chinese Laundry via T.J. Maxx


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