04 August 2013

Purchase Catchup

I realized its been a couple of month since I updated what I've bought recently, so this is a bit of a mix, and it covers about three months worth of shopping. I've noticed I'm becoming slightly more comfortable buying brands that I don't normally associate with my style. I like to evaluate a piece on an individual basis. I still stay away from certain fabric, products, and lower quality brands but I like to think I'm being a little more open minded in my shopping. That being said I won't be buying any jersey, Juicy Couture track suits, or shopping at Delia's agin anytime soon!

Foxboro, MA
These were probably the least common brands I bought, mainly Gap. I went through a preppy phase around 2007-2008 where I bought four or five Gap button-ups, which I still have but almost never wear. There clothes are too simple for me, and in my opinion, not that great of quality. Even this tee shirt, I bought it to wear for the 4th of July, and because it was so cheap, would I ever pay more, definitely not. As for the jeans, buying jeans is very hard, so anytime I find a pair that fits I'll take them regardless of brand. The distressed look and patches on these reminded me of a pair of real hippie jeans I had in high school (I still have them, but they're a size 4 which won't be happening again). As for Talbot's, they make nice quality items but strike me as being for more of a middle aged crowd, I have a few items of theirs though, I just take it on an individual basis and I'm a sucker for plaid, what can I say I'm a Catholic school girl at heart.

1.) Gap Patchwork Jeans: $7. 50

2.) Gap Red, White, and Blue tee shirt: $ 2.75

3.) Talbots plaid blouse: $4

5.) Cat's Eye Sunglasses: $5
Total: $ 19.25

Providence, RI
I bought these all right off the rolling sale rack on the sidewalk in from of the store running in five minutes before they closed. The prices were right and Foreign Affair's quality is always top notch, I just had to try them on for fit.

 5.) vintage 1950's Liberty print dress: $7

 6.) vintage men's velvet blazer with crest: $12

7.) vintage floral print silk jacket: $10

8.) 1950's era nautical romper: $15

9.) 1970's embroidered peasant skirt: $5

Total: $49

Francesca's Collection
Cranston, RI
I had this gift card since Christmas and had been to Francesca's three times without buying anything. Their clothes are too youthful for me. None of the skirts cover my ass and the tops show everything. I had also bought a necklace, but I didn't love it, the quality is a little cheap for the prices. I'm addicted to elastic belts though and these had nice little styling details, so I thought it was a worthwhile investment.

10.) Brown Elastic Belt: $18

11.) Black Elastic Belt: $18

Total: $0, used gift card

Savannah, GA
I can't pass up a Goodwill and the one on the main shopping drag in Savannah was no exception, I actually wore the skirt and shirt together the next day and they were nice and cool. The dress was also very different when I bought it, ankle length with long sleeves. I took off about 8 inches from the length, took the shoulders up about three inches shortening the torso, them I removed the sleeves.

12.) Fresh tee shirt: $3

13.) Floral maxi skirt (no label): $5

14.)Talbot's nautical print dress: $6

Total: $14

Providence, RI
I had driven past Hall's on Broadway before, but never been in. I heard there were great deals at the sale, but I still felt that they were overpriced. I had to haggle the prices down and still felt I over payed on the white purse. It took me two weeks to clean the musty, mildewed lining (I really liked it because normally if I smell mildew in a consignment shop I head for the door). The owner was also pretty petty and mean spirited, telling me I owed her the next time I came in for the good deal she gave me. Pretty poor business acumen if you ask me.

15.) Brown Leatherette Purse: $3

16.) Red, White and Blue Faux Leather Purse: $10

Total: $13

J.C. Penny
North Attleboro, MA
Penny's is always my favorite department store and seldom can I walk through without buying at least something. Their prices are fantastic, they have lots of young, hip, fashion-forward designers, and most importantly they have a very high quality standard. I fell in love with a lot of the Duro Olowu collection when it first came out, but it was priced too high for me at the time. By the time I came back the selection was a little picked over, so I missed out on a couple of the pieces I really wanted, but I was still really happy with what I did buy. Great vibrant colors and patterns are the key to this collection and I'm sure I'll get a lot of wear out of the pieces I did buy.

17.) : $15

18.) : $15

19.) I Heart Ronson Lilac Jeans: $8

20.) Liz Claiborne snakeskin print pencil skirt: $10

Total: $48

Providence, RI
The necklace was a big splurge, even at its 50% off price, but it is such a fantastic and unique piece I couldn't pass it up. I also own several pieces of J. Marcel jewelry and they have perfect construction and are always unique and stunning, and because of that I wear them often. I'm sure this will be no exception. The same goes for their sunglasses, which are fun and different and stand up well to wear and tear. And at $6 if something happens no one is devastated.

21.) Black, gold, and bronze "oyster" necklace: $17.50

22.) Black and white polka dot sunglasses: $8

Total: $25.50

T.J. Maxx
South Attleboro, MA
I went out looking specifically for sandals, because my previous pair of black sandals died on my trip to Savannah, and I just hated my brown sandals which I had bought just so I would have a pair for summer. Luckily I found two pairs in black and brown that I really love, and both are comfortable enough that I will wear them. The jeggings were an impulse buy ( I tried them on under my skirt in the aisle) and I took my mother's advise when she said they fit me. In reality they're too big (yay!) and a bit saggy, even after washing. But they super comfortable and good for bumming around.

22.) Italian Shoemakers bronze sandals :$20

23.) Chinese Laundry black and gold sandals: $14

24.) Ellen Tracy leopard print jeggings: $15

Total: $49

Second Time Around
Providence, RI
I took my grandmother and her friend Anita thrifting so Anita could consign her vintage Whiting and Davis purses. I have a modest collection of three Whiting and Davis bags, and one knockoff mesh purse that to the untrained eye looks like Whiting and Davis. As thanks my grandmother actually bought me a bag as an early birthday present and I couldn't be more pleased. I don't have an off-white/oatmeal colored mesh bad, and this one is large enough fit a paperback book (the true gold standard for a purse) and has this fantastic chain with antique coins on it, which I've never seen on one of these bags before. Its truly in mint condition, not a mark on it with no wear and tear. Anita worked in the WHiting and Davis Factory Store and saw a lot of styles come and go, she estimates this is from the early to mid-60's; 

25.)1960's era Whiting and Davis oatmeal colored purse with coin chain: gift $0

Savannah, GA
I stopped in here late in the afternoon while on vacation, and about 5 minutes into my visit the man at the counter apologized profusely but said that the previous day he had been in a car accident and wrecked his back. Someone was supposed to come and relive him so he could go the the chiropractor, but they hadn't shown up and he really had to go. I told him it was fine and said I would return tomorrow. He was so pleased and surprised when I did, and that I was so understanding that he gave me a deal on everything I bought. So not only did I get some great stuff but I feel like these purchases are a testament to good karma.

26.) vintage Swirl 1950's wrap plaid party dress: $27
27.) gold decoupage box purse: $25

28.) vintage olive elastic belt with leaf clasp: $10. 50

Total: $62.50

Pawtucket, RI
The last time I went to this store (my first visit) I got some really fantastic stuff. I had to go to the party store, which is not far from here so I dropped in just to see what was new. They didn't have a ton of new things but had added a "damaged" rack where torn, stained, or otherwise not up to par clothing was sold at discounted prices. Not afraid of a little hard work I happily checked it out, though I only ended up with one thing. But its a real beauty with a great retro print, perfect cut for my body, and the only issue is the sleeves, which are an easy fix.

29.) vintage Native American print house dress (discounted because of ripped sleeves, see below): $5



Goodwill: $14
Francesca's Collection: $0
J.C. Penny: $48
J. Marcel: $25.50
T.J. Maxx: $49
Second Time Around: $0
Spending for May, June, July: $285. 25

~$95.08 per month

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