12 August 2013

The Muse: Wedding Bell Blues

 My birthday was spent this year celebrating someone else's special day, when my co-worker Rebecca married her long time boy toy Tim. I've known Rebecca about three years and was very flattered that she would include me in her very special day, and it was great to have the DJ and cake ready made for birthday celebrations.  I'm not sure if there was a memo I missed regarding this but the color of the day was blue. Not just the wedding colors, though they were. There were blue invitations, and programs, flowers, accent lights, even blueberry cosmos for the signature drink and my theory is that looking at their invitations before getting dressed inspired a wave of blue to engulf the wedding attendees. From aqua, to periwinkle, to navy we had a serious case of the blues. I don't know if it was a subliminal thing or if there was something in the air. Personally I just wanted a dress to match my hat. I'm a big proponent of the wedding hat, it adds a certain je ne sais quoi to the occasion. Lets be honest there are few enough occasions to wear a hat out and about, why not embrace every opportunity. I've worn a hat the the past three weddings I've gone to, and plan to continue, its my signature thing. Besides especially at an outdoor wedding it keeps you cool and helps you see much more clearly when the bright blue sky and sun are causing a glare. I think that everyone else at the wedding was secretly envious because it seemed that almost every person I talked to wanted to talk about that hat is some form. Only a select few were allowed to play with it, that privilege was reserved for my dates, a pair of fellow single teachers.

Dress: Anthropologie
Earrings: vintage, gift from my grandmother
Hat: vintage, no label, via Broadway Costumes (now out of business)
Purse: vintage, Dover, via Hall's on Broadway
Shoes: A Touch of Nina via DSW
Nail polish: Gone Grey by Sally Hansen

Wedding Venue: The Villa at Ridder Country Club

"My date" Kristen tried on the hat with gusto

 My other "date" Lindsey strikes a pose (the hat even matched her outfit down to the rhinestones!)

Rebecca and he father, she looked truly stunning. He body just goes on forever, she looks as statuesque as a fashion model in her gown. I am not a huge fan of bridal wear for the most part. I don't like how the whole industry pushes a false princess ideal. I thought Rebecca's dress was lovely and perfect for her body type ( I especially like the scolloped neckline and the delicate bustle) but more importantly it fit her personal style. It wasn't Walt Disney's idea of how a bride should look, it was our same everyday Rebecca in white lace but still clearly recognizable. I you saw how vehemently critical I am when my mother forces me to watch "say Yes to the Dress" you would know what high praise this is.

I won the centerpiece because my birthday was the closest (duh it was the same day)

Teachers can get into a lot of trouble outside the classroom as Andrea and Kristen illustrated on the dance floor....

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