12 February 2013

The Muse: Floral in Winter

 Why wear floral in winter? Well personally I think it helps remind us that the world won't always look like my yard does in the pictures below. I confess, I have been lazy. Today was my third day off from school due to the blizzard of 2013 and despite the fact I didn't post over the weekend. I shoveled, I cleaned snow off low-lying branches, I drove over a road that was closer to moguls to pick my mother up at work after she spent two days there, but I didn't post. Honestly we had it pretty good. We never lost power,  a first for us, though I feel after loosing it for nine days after Hurricaine Irene we were due for a break. We had enough warning that we were well prepared and everyone was safe. I also didn't have to shovel the whole driveway because our plow guy showed up just as I was starting. Overall life is good.
 Back to the florals, according to the groundhog spring is coming, but boy do those six more weeks of winter seem to want to linger. Of course if I ever long for spring I can always pop into my mother's bedroom as I did to shoot these outfit photos, it looks like an English garden all the time in there! She's very girly and I wasn't sure about the wall color when she picked it (its called Poppy Petal) but its grown on me and the white furnaiture helps to mello it out. That being said I had to play with the color a lot to get phots where I didn't resemble a pumpkin. Florals are very feminine and I think a lot of women are afraid of them because eople won't take them seriously. Luckily I don't work in a very male dominated profession, because I love florals, in fact I love prints of all kinds. This lace dress and floral skirt seemed destined for pattern mixing. Though they looked better at the beginning of the day, somehow the bottom of the dress slipped out along with my bra strap in every picture. Charming I know, but hopefully a testimonial to a hard day's work. Also, this may not bother anyone else, but it sort of bothers me so I'll fess up. I rarely wear head to toe anything. In fact it greatly bothers me to go to a fashion blog and see Top: Target Jeans: Target Belt: Target....etc, etc. etc. Not to pick on Target, but it can be any store. If all you wear is J.Crew, or Banana Republic, or whatever, why am I reading your blog? I could just look at their catalogue. I think fashion blogging is about being creative and resourceful, about exploring the unexpected in fashion. When I see a head to toe outfit from one store I see convenience not innovation. This is my per peeve, and one I confess I'm breaking here because other than my accessories I'm wearing head to toe J.C.Penny, though a range of brands. Again, nobody probably even noticed, but I had some sort of misplaced guilt about it.We all have our little quirks.

The view out or front door at about 10 o'clock Friday night, 14 inches or so in and falling at a rate of close to 5 inches per hour

I was tasked with lightening the load on these tree branches which were dangerously close to crashing through the living room windows

A very glamorous look after cleaning trees off at the height of the blizzard

 Dress (worn as a top): I Heart Ronson via J.C. Penny
Skirt: Worthington via J.C. Penny
Belt: Target
Necklace: some shop on Martha's Vineyard
Stockings: Worthington via J.C. Penny
Booties: Payless (old)
Purse: Lulu via Marshall's

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