15 February 2013

The Muse: Cool Runnings

I feel like you read a lot about "your colors" when you read magazines, I've said before that the only fashion magazine I really read is Vogue, who places themselves a bit higher brow than such bourgeois things but in the past especially as a teenager I remember reading a lot about the seasonal colors including quizzes to tell you what you are(she really shouldn't be wearing Spring colors with her complexion, or I'm definitely a Autumn!) Beyond that, I think we tend to break things down more today as warm, cool, or neutral, usually with the emphasis on neutral. Not sure if I have a position, what I can say is I think this outfit features cool colors, and right or not it's very much a Winter outfit. That and why not name a post after the movie about the Jamaican bobsled team?

 Blouse: Weston Wear via Anthropologie
Skirt: United Colors of Benneton
Necklace: Green Ink
Shoes: Merona via Target
Purse: vintage camera case, found object
Coat: vintage, Lawrence of London via Circa

I feel the need to add that this was undoubtedly my most awkward photography session yet. It was late evening and I was in the hallway outside the Friends of the Public Library bookstore. Frightened senior citizen kept jumping and scurrying away whenever the flash went off. Which explains the abundance of seated pictures, far less conspicuous than using the self timer.

Also how amazing is this vintage camera case from the 1950's, I salvaged it from our AV closet cleanout a few weeks ago at work. The camera went to the prop closet for the theater company, but I snagged the leather case is beautiful and I've been stopped several time about it. I also salvaged a slightly newer black plastic one I'll have to roll out soon.


  1. Neither here or there, eh? I'll have to get that; love Bill Bryson!

  2. One of his early works Doc, but it introduces Katz from A Walk in the Woods fame, not my favorite but Bryson is always worth the effort