06 January 2013

Year End Bottom Line

I, and everyone else it seems, have been down and out with a really bad cold, worse than I've had in a while. I fought through our short three daywork week at school, but only by coming home and going to bed at three o'clock, sleeping until seven, getting up and eating forcing myself to stay up for two hours, then going to bed again at nine. Needless to say my wardrobe was less than inspired, and on Friday when I was at my worst I was just grabbing random items of clothing and putting them on. Not only did I not coordinate, I looked like a bag lady. So I decided to total up my purchases and acquisitions for December and do a running total (gasp) of my purchases for the entire year.  I admit most of what wormed its way into my closet this month wasn't bought by me, then again getting gifts is always fun. I also dived into the deals on cyber Monday for the first time this year and did get a a few good buys, much to my surprise.


1.) I am not normally a sweater person because I am always hot, however I am in love with this long ruffled sweater coat that I bought on cyber Monday, it was marked down to $50 from $150, and the workmanship and materials are worth the price. It also bore the cyber Monday free shipping bonus. Its also a nice neutral in my very colorful closet.

Shabby Apple

2.) The Freshman Year Skirt had been something I had my eye on for a while though I was leery of the $52 price tag and ordering from Shabby Apple who I've never bought from before. I had made the mistake of purchasing a large order from Modcloth over the summer and had ended up hating everything and been out shipping and handling. Their cyber Monday deal was 25% off everything so I bit for $39. Its very nice quality but I still need to loose a few pounds to fit into it, though all of the reviews about sizing were very helpful.


3.) Merona green shift dress, $8.89, I went to buy wrapping paper and marked down Christmas decorations.... you know the drill you never walk out of Target with no clothes for yourself.

4.) Merona silk blouse, $9.78, I need new blouses rather desperately which is why I spent a little more on this number and 5.) the silk blouse I wore here, which was $16.

6.) More Merona, $6.08, I actually wore it Wednesday night to my step-mother's birthday party, back when my clothes were still my own not the mysterious bag lady's.


7.) Michael Kors red leopard print dress was a Christmas gift from my mother along with 8.) these jeans/jeggings (I can't tell the difference) by Jessica Simpson

9.) The third part of my mother's gift, a Maggie London summer dress that I wore with a seater the thursday before vacation and people kept telling me was very Christmasy...I think they had too much eggnog.

10.) Actually a regift from my grandmother, one of her cowokers gave her this scarf, but she thinks she's too old to wear scarves

11.) My grandmother bought this at a church fair for $2, it looks like $2. It clearly was homemade with a fabric remnant and notions intended for either curtains of a lampshade. I'm glad she didn't pay a lot for it because it seems unlikely I will carry it, especially when I have three purses in the same color family that I really like.

12.) These Not Rated shoes came from Nordstrom Rack and were my Christmas gift from my sister-in-law's mother Charlotte, they're very cute but are made of linen and have very thin soles so they will have to be shelved till spring/summer.

13.) These Steve Madden flats were also a gift from my mother, and they remind me very much of Tomm's (I think that's what they're called, but I think a little classier looking, they came along with 14.) these glittery numbers.

15.) This rabbit fur wrap scarf from Off Fifth (the Saks outlet) was my Christmas gift from my step-brother and his wife, I am starting to have quite a fur collection, both real and faux now, in fact this goes very nicely with my rabbit fur jacket.


Anthropologie: $50
Shabby Apple: $39
Target: $40.75
Total for December: $129.75

July Total: $334.67
August Total: $225.02
September Total: $61.99
October Total: -----
November Total: $86.99
December Total: $129.75
Year End Total: $838.32
Total Items: 98
Cost per item: $8.55 per item

Okay just a brief observation on my shopping habits. First I am shocked by my reckless spending, however as I've said before it really is my one vice. Second I like to think I've gotten the most bang for my buck, looking at $8.55 per item for almost 100 new things is pretty good. I did buy some things before starting the blog, though I'm sure they totaled less than $100, mostly consignment buys and Goodwill. I certainly spend more when I'm on vacation, I apparently get bored and spend money like a drunken sailor. I wear almost everything I buy immediately and frequently. Over all even if I spent $1,000 dollars for the year, that's only $83.33 a month. keeping track of spending certainly helps, though I will continue to strive to find as many swaps and great deals as possible in 2013!

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