09 January 2013

The Muse: Between the Lines

 So after a holiday hiatus Marionberry Style is back with a new Trend of the Month linkup, which in case you didn't get it from the post title is stripes. I confess I had very little to choose from, its apparently the #1 trend of 2013 which goes to show how much I care about/follow trends. I own three items with stripes, the dress I'm wearing in this blog post, a black and white striped dress that reminds me a little of prisoner's outfits at Alcatraz (I showed it here back in the summer) but I had just worn that dress before Christmas, and a wool skirt that has a very subtle stripe but is actually more of a tweed. I don't own the Breton stripe bateaux neck shirt in black/navy blue/ red and white stripe that apparently every woman is supposed to own. I have a black and white chevron patterned shirt I could maybe have gotten away with. It doesn't really matter because I'm still stuck on stripes being the #1 trend for this year. I feel like one of the old rules of dressing was never wear horizontal stripes because they mage you look fat. Apparently nobody follows the rules. But I do like this dress, I liked even better that it was swapped for free. Incidentally not thrilled with photos, crappy weather forced me indoors and the track team was practicing in the hallways so I was forced to use the trade book room for photos because it was the only on with no people and enough light. Angles were hard because its really a glorified closet, but its half the fun. Also I wore a slip under my dress, didn't realize it made the skirt lumpy until I took these. People still said the dress was flattering and made me look tall so its a win, win.

Dress: vintage, Virgo II, via Wedding Season Swap and Shop
Belt: no label, thrifted via Goodwill
Tank( not visible in most because its too bright): Forever 21 (really old)
Shoes: Styluxe thrifted via Twice the Diva


  1. Your dress is so fun! I love it with your zebra accents! I found your blog via Marion's linkup! xoxo

  2. Such a fun look! The stripes and zebra shoes look great together! Just found your blog through the link up and now I'm your newest follower :) I'd love for you to follow my blog too!


  3. Ha! I love this dress on you Liz! And you are such a good sport for taking the photos in the closet...but they turned out pretty darn good!
    Always glad when you link up!
    xo - Marion

  4. At least you wore a slip. Seems like a lot of women never wear slips anymore. Do you always wear a slip?