10 January 2013

The Muse: Pencil Point

 I can't remember if I've complained about this before, but today's youth (is the 1300 kids that inhabit my school for most of the day) have some warped ideas about fashion. Now I have no problem with them wearing what is trendy, but please don't try to talk about it because they are so woefully off in left field that its almost funny. A tube top you wear around your ass is not a pencil skirt. Though if you asked any one of these tube top wearing sixteen year olds on the days they have to "dress up" for a sports team they will swear up and down that its a pencil skirt. When I tried to correct one girl one day by pointing to this skirt, she claimed it couldn't be a pencil skirt because it was "so long". I will admit that this is about as short as I would dare go for work. Then again I have never accidentally flashed a private area in public because my skirt was too short and tight as I have seen many of them do, so I guess semantics aside, we're even.

Incidentally though, this is one of my favorite (really long) pencil skirts. It has a great, really unusual, architectural shape and a retro feel with its fabric and overall style. It also was my other striped item left over from tomorrow. A little pattern mixing and even a really long pencil skirt gets to the point.

Blouse: Merona via Target
Skirt: Eva Franco via Anthropologie
Shoes: A Touch of Nina via DSW
Brooch: Blue Suede via J.Marcel
Earrings: vintage via Top Shelf Flea Market
Jacket: vintage rabbit fur, no label via The Bargain Box
Purse: Bueno, gift
Observe real 1960's secretaries as imagined by McCall's....all wearing really long pencil skirts


  1. I love everything about this outfit. The brooch and the shoes are incredibly pretty.

  2. Yikes! A circa 1989 lycra tube top miniskirt ( I know what your talking about) does not a pencil skirt make. Perhaps a lesson in having them "Google" images of the pencil skirt will show that 98% of the images are form fitting skirts that hit the knee or go just below the knee. Sometimes sexiness is in what you don't show - a lesson my trendy mom taught me. You look fabulous by the way :) Great ensemble!