17 July 2013

The Muse: White Hot

I debated whether or not to actually post these photos at all, because when I was taking them I couldn't tell how they came out, it was that bright and that hot. Upon looking at them they're not as bad as I thought but this dress is much prettier than it photographs. On day four of the heat wave here in New England it seems like white hot photo shoots are going to be on trend for awhile, either that or wait until its dark and you have to use the flash. This was also the closest I've come to flaying actual skin off while taking pictures, turns out that that metal bench gets really freaking hot in the sun. Even at only 10 o'clock in the morning it was so hot I jumped and yelped drawing more attention to myself than really necessary. The white of the dress also doesn't really help, because with it being so bright out the colors are a bit bleached out. Regardless of photographic complications this is still my favorite dress I've bought in a long time, I wore it once before to a bridal shower and was too busy taking notes on who gave what present to take photos. I guarantee you'll see it again in a more flattering light.

 Dress: vintage, no label (homemade?) via Foreign Affair
Necklace: ShopHollyDolly via Etsy
Shoes: Danielle (very old)via Marshall's
Purse: no label, swapped


pleated poppy

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