31 July 2013

The Muse: Missing Link

 Sometimes there is one element that can help put an outfit together, the missing link, so to speak, that without it you have just a random selection of clothing. I bought this shirt at Goodwill, when I visited Savannah and was having trouble not pairing it up with skirts that were too matchy-matchy. Likewise with this skirt, I wanted to pair it with either black or white. Its hard to make red gingham original, it takes a certain something to think outside the picnic blanket. One day I was putting something away in my mother's jewelry box and I saw this necklace ("borrowed" from me probably about 3 years ago) and suddenly it hit me. Turquoise and red are fantastic together! And thus the missing link restores equilibrium to the outfit crafting universe. The combination of colors balances nicely (otherwise why put them together in the same necklace?) a blend of warm and cool tones, but is still unexpected enough that it feels fresh and exciting. I'm all about having a muse that inspires what you wear, and sometimes a single item in your wardrobe is all you need as a driving force to inspire creativity in what you wear.

Blouse: Fresh, thrifted via Goodwill
Skirt: vintage, no label (probably homemade) thrifted via Better Than New Consignment 
Necklace: gift from Mexico
Purse: Monsoon (UK)
Shoes: Ann Marino via DSW

pleated poppy


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