02 June 2013

The Muse: Romping with Roger

 You might have noticed I'm not a particularly trendy person. In fact most of the time I am oblivious to trends. Vogue is the only fashion magazine I read, if its not in there its pretty much off my radar. I may notice that people are wearing a particular item more than usual, but seldom does it occur to me to label that a trend. Marion over at Marionberry Style recently posted on how ombre hair and the" arm party", wearing tons of bracelets are both out. Okay, its news to me that they were ever in. I wear what I like and try to be as pragmatic as possible about shopping. Sometimes I see what other people spend on really basic clothes and it just shocks me. Certain brands hold zero appeal for me in terms of shopping, but other people salivate over their catalogues and base their entire wardrobe around them. Then again the beauty of style is that we're not all the same, and I very glad of that. It takes a village, and if we were all the same the world would be a very dull place. That being said I think there is a line between the edge and the abyss. You can have your own style, but it should be neat, presentable, and well taken care of. That's why its called  style, otherwise we'd still be using fig leaves to cover ourselves. Personally I didn't start blogging to tell you about what other people believe is fashionable, because I don't think that helps either you or me. I'd rather present my experiences and style and hope that it inspired you and gives you confidence to find your own.

Which brings me to the romper. I have heard that they are " in style" right now. Then again about two years ago I ran into someone wearing one at a birthday party wearing one and she claimed they were the hottest thing in every store then.  So who's right?  Maybe fashion is like clothing trickle-down economics. A few stores put them out there to test the waters then slowly they catch on and they start to spread from those few stores until everyone has a romper on their racks. I got this romper on the discount rack, which usually means something is on its way out, but it was a vintage store, and in my experience the ordinary rules don't apply there. Either way I didn't know it was a romper when I took it of the rack. I thought it was a dress, and I love dresses with zippers in the front. Only when I tried it on (very hastily, the store was closing in 10 minutes) did I realize what it was. And its fun. In a silly, summery, sort of way. It has a great retro print, nice construction, the shorts aren't too short. Its light and breezy for hot weather, has pockets (always a plus), and a front zipper which I love even more. It was the perfect outfit for summer afternoon shopping and a stroll around Roger Williams Park at dusk. Trendy or not, its a keeper.

 Romper: vintage, no label (possibly homemade?) via Foreign Affair
Belt: Francesca's Collection
Shoes: Cynthia Vincent via J. Marcel
Bracelet: Anthropologie
Purse: Lulu via Marshall's
Sunglasses: J. Marcel


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