05 June 2013

The Muse: Peasant

This outfit was a great idea in theory,but I absolutely hated it in person. The blouse is old, the skirt is new. When I was thinking about how to style the skirt, I was like, putting a peasant blouse and peasant skirt together its genius. In fact they coordinated so well everyone assumed it was a dress that I just added a belt too. Even the shoes seemed made for the outfit. I think the sad truth is that the peasant look I so love is just not meant for my body type. Tall, willowy, girls can pull it off. Girls with curves end up looking like their wearing am embroidered sack. But I still love the look of it, even if at first glance I may have escaped from Woodstock. Or a bad 70's wedding. Or both. It think both of these pieces are great, just not together. My general rule is if you are wearing loose and flowing on top, wear fitted on the bottom. In this case the cut of the blouse is meant to flow free, tucking it in and belting it made the chest sit in the wrong place and gave me a weird uni-boob. The same rule applies for loose tops, keep your bottom silhouette slim. I am a cautionary example. But I'm not giving up, just dialing it back a little.

Blouse: Lithe via Anthropologie
Skirt: vintage, no label (definitely homemade), via Foreign Affair
Belt: Goodwill
Shoes: Not Rated, a gift from my cousin Madeline
Purse: Selfirdges (UK)
Sunglasses: J. Marcel

pleated poppy



  1. You look fantastic! I love the details embroidered on your top. And all the accessories? <3 <3 <3!!!
    (PS First time here. Visiting from WIWW. See my outfit at Olivia Cleans Green. Hugs!)

  2. The shoes really are the icing on the cake! I like it all ~


  3. Those shoes!!! So, so cute! Stopping by from WIWW. New follower via Bloglovin' <3 Alex