12 June 2013

The Mary Experiment

Since March, Mary Clark, one of our most beloved substitute teachers has been photographing my outfits everyday. Now there's a lot of overlap because I photograph most of my own outfits, but she's caught a few that I missed for one reason or another. The purpose of this whole experiment was to make a collage of my outfits, because I never wear the same outfit, the same way twice. So every day Mary brings her I Pad to the library and takes my picture. At first, she planned to crop off my head and just feature the clothes, but it looked funny. As a result a lot of the early shots I either have my eyes closed, I'm talking, or I look like I'm having my mug shot taken. Over time the collage grew and grew, until the past week or so we've just been photographing accessories to fill in the blank spots. I'll post the finished collage, but I wanted to show a few of the "lost outfits", though they are just full shots, not details like I normally feature. I wanted to show the different ways that I styled the two Prabal Gurung items I got from the designer's collection at Target this spring. It was the hottest thing out there and you probably saw at least a few items from it featured on every fashion blogger out there. I happened to get two pieces featuring the same pattern, shoes and skirt. The first time I wore them, at the risk of looking like a major fashion victim, I wore them together with black tights and a black sweater. the skirt is really too short to wear without stockings for me, unless I wear flats (which I did) and the heels are really versatile  though I stayed safe with a black dress here (not that there is any occasion when a black dress isn't acceptable). In the end these lost outfits are at least getting their day in the sun. Stay tuned to see the results of The Mary Experiment!

Dress: B. Smart via J.C. Penny
Necklace: J. Marcel
Shoes: Prabal Gurung for Target

Blouse: vintage, Circle T by Marilyn Lenox, thrifted via The Bargain Box
Skirt: Prabal Gurung for Target
Necklace: Vera Wang for Kohls
Shoes: Not Rated, gift


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